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For JMD Construction, project development is a collaborative process between architect, builder, and client to design and construct the best response to the project’s program. Unlike the single-source “design-build” model that tucks design functions behind builders’ walls, our approach is to partner with independent architects in an open process that provides clients with two advocates rather than one.

This means that the project itself gets three advocates – the architect, the builder, and the client – each independently empowered to champion a unique set of advocacies critical to project success.

The Architect – Advocates for the way a project’s spaces work and interact with one another, its volumetrics, and its aesthetics.

The Builder – Advocates for durability and safety, cost containment, and building efficiency.

The Client – Advocates for their needs now and in the future, financial realities, and for all the ways they want the building to serve them.

We bring these advocacies around one table to craft a building design that is greater than the sum of its parts. The dynamic push-and-pull of these advocacies establishes the  creative space to find the best solutions: ones that satisfy budget, aesthetics, and buildability all at once.  


While many clients come to us with an architect already selected, many do not. As an experienced collaborator we can guide you through the entire process of your project, from dreaming to architect selection to construction to project completion. We have relationships with a large cadre of diverse and talented architects, so we can connect you with one whose aesthetic, personality, schedule, and budget are the right fit for your project.  

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