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Mr. Hrishikesh Kasture's Villa - Ongoing Project

Iraah Lifespaces (Stellar 8) - Ongoing Project

iraah Lifespace (10).png

Stellar 8 is a reflection of outstanding architecture, unparalleled design and the pinnacle of high quality craftsmanship. Travel through scenic road curves through rich greens to find the Stellar 8 villas, an alluring retreat nestled away in the undulating flora of Lonavala with breathtaking sunset & mountain view. Encompassing a collection of 8 luxurious 4 BHK villas, artfully laid among manicured gardens that boast a sustainable and futuristic living.

Mr. Farokh Bhiwandiwalla's Villa - Ongoing Project



Tropical XVI Summer Hill, Khandala

Farokh LZA.png

A development that goes beyond mere design, Tropical XVI Summer Hill showcases classic European architecture with a contemporary twist.

Designed & landscaped by highly acclaimed architects the sanctuary is carefully crafted to create a luxurious canvas for living. Meticulously manicured landscapes and dedicated recreational areas designed to encourage luxurious living and fulfill the need for indulgence

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A beautiful home amidst the natural contours of Lonavala with spaces opening up to the scenic beauty around it. Materials like natural stone and wood are used to compliment the surroundings. The fragmentation of the house is also connected with courtyards to create a distinct connect of the indoors with the outdoors. Keeping the vastu in mind, the entrance has a plain solid wall. While, the facade is designed in beige along with a warm colour palette to create a soothing atmosphere. Considering the site conditions, maximum openings are made in the north and east to bring in natural light while the south and west have minimum openings and more solid surfaces.



Mr. Jayant & Madhu Ghelani's Bungalow

(Owner Of Sumangalam Exports Private Limited)


Mr. Bhupendra Gandhi's Bungalow

(Owner Of Chayya Gems)

Gandhi View.JPG

The design of the bungalow flows with the natural contours of the lonavala hills. Modern with straight lines is the dominant concept. The goal was to create a retreat that provided privacy, yet was filled with natural light and open spacious environment. Extreme weather conditions were considered while choosing materials for the residence. Tile cladding & ACP has been done in the exterior walls of the bungalow as against a conventional choice of paint. This not only protects the house from heavy rains & direct sun light but also makes it easier to maintain.

IIID Award
Featured in 50 Beautiful Houses in India I

Mr. Anil Seth's Bungalow

(Managing Director Of Radium Creation Limited)

Anil Gupta (2).png

The brief we received from this family was to create a house nestled in the green hills of Lonavla that would serve as a home away from home. The approach we took was to create something that blended into it’s environment and provided spaces of calm where you could just relax on your favourite hammock and look out onto the garden!

The two different areas of this house are connected by a walkway punctuated by light - with cutouts over the bridge. The end result was that the bridge itself became an area where the family and friends gather to look out towards the garden.

Mr. Kamal Asrani's Bungalow

(Owner Of Kamna Estates)


Mr. Sanjay Vakharia's Bungalow

(CEO & Co-Founder Of Spykar Jeans)

Sanjay (5).png

The Concept, Design, Planning and Construction of a Modern Signature Bungalow Home with a distinctive structural form and romancing the landscape around. The project also introduces the design philosophy and evolution of new concepts over the time of the firm. The cultural, climatic and geographical influence of the design is also seamlessly intergrated between the building , the interiors and the surrounding views.

Sanjay (5)



Mr. Prasad Pabrekar's Bungalow

(Owner Of Spykar Jeans Pvt Ltd & Indaco Jeans Pvt Ltd)




Mr. Prasad Pabrekar's Bungalow

(Owner Of Spykar Jeans Pvt Ltd & Indaco Jeans Pvt Ltd)




Mr. Ketan Dalal's Bungalow

(Owner Of Katalyst Advisors)

ketan (4).png

Lovedale, a bungalow for Mr. Ketan Dalal is located in the greens of Khandala. Our main objective was to create a contemporary space which is in dialogue with the rustic texture of the outside. It aims to serve as an escape from the busy metropolitan life.


The building is a composition of open, semi-open and enclosed spaces with cantilevers opening out to the mountain view. It is a simple, open layout connecting the vistas which create  a visual axis to the garden and the mountain ranges. A dynamic, honest and contemporary material board was applied using exposed concrete, steel, glass, wood, kota, basalt and vertical concrete panels. A neutral color palette is used which complements the finishes, giving the space a continuity with its surroundings.



Mr. Akshay Narvekar's Bungalow

(Founder Of Bombay Shirt Company)

ranjit (5).png

The site perches on a steep west facing hillside with spectacular views to the west and north. Accessed from the upper south east corner the house wraps itself around a courtyard which drops a way to a rocky garden below and opens to views of the Khandala Ghats.

The hillside is retained by a narrow kitchen wing. Two steel girders span across the courtyard to support the bridge like living room.

The third wing holds the master bedroom and drops to other rooms and the courtyard beneath. The house continuously reconnects with the garden and courtyard outside at both levels.

Very compact (2000sq.ft.) and built with laterite stone and structural steel, the house employs very few materials in its palette, The scale of the house is further broken by small tile roofs folding over each section

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Mr. Moufatraj (Founder Of Mittal Builder)

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Mr. Dhanji Titina's Bungalow

(Owner Of Ahura Advertisers Private Limited)




Mr. Rajesh Joshi's Bungalow




Mr. Vishnu Murarka's Twin Bungalow

(CEO Of Cllaro - Shanti Industries)




Shatrunjay co-operative society


Mr. Niren Ajmera

(Owner Of Gaurav Enterprise)


Mr. Umesh Powar

(Owner Of Aakar Architects And Consultants)


Jmd Homes



Mr. Nanik Rupani's Villa

(Chairman Of Emeritus Of Priyadarshni Academy)


Mr. Fali Dhondy

(Owner Of Fedson Innovations Private Limited)


Mr. Vinay Sanghi

(Founder And The Driving Force Of CarTrade Tech)


Other Residential Villa's

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