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A Family Commitment to


Third Generation at the Lonavala.


Meet The Team

Each Member of Team JMD Embraces the Imperative of Ongoing Value Enhancement.

From the inception of your project through the enduring life of your home, we approach our role as custodians of your time and investment with unwavering dedication. We understand that every detail, regardless of scale, carries weight. We stand as your champions of accountability, committed to acting in your best interest throughout every phase of the process.


As the visionary founder of JMD Construction, his mission was to provide exceptional construction services to both the residential and commercial sectors. The company's operations began in Lonavala and Pune. His ascent as a prominent local contractor is grounded in his steadfast commitment to teamwork and a genuine dedication to helping clients attain their goals.

While his primary role revolves around the management and expansion of the business, he maintains a vigilant oversight of the diverse construction projects undertaken by the company, ensuring that they align with the company's values and objectives.

Mr. Ram Varma (Co-Founder & CEO)

Boasting an impressive three decades of experience in high-value construction and civil engineering projects, he holds the esteemed position of the company's most senior officer. His hands-on, pragmatic approach to project management and field supervision provides indispensable guidance to JMD Construction's project teams at every organizational tier.

His expansive role encompasses the comprehensive oversight of project staffing, scheduling, quality control, subcontractor relations, and dispute resolution, effectively encompassing all critical elements essential for the seamless and successful delivery of our projects.

Mr. Ankit Varma (Civil Engineer & Interior Designer)

With an extensive background in civil engineering design, interior design, management, and construction supervision, he brings a wealth of experience to his role, having dedicated five years to the construction industry. His core responsibilities revolve around the oversight and management of diverse civil engineering projects.

He is a firm advocate of providing robust on-site leadership, placing a premium on customer satisfaction, and ensuring that all projects are executed promptly and to the highest standards of excellence.

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